The Hidden Benefits in Leaving Film – Patient Satisfaction (Chart)

Looking for ways to improve patient satisfaction—whether through improving reception décor or back office processes—is important for most dental professionals. After all, happy and healthy patients are the heart of every dental practice. When putting financial and strategic plans into action, it’s important to ask yourself how these strategies and changes will impact your patients.

This also applies to transitioning from film to digital radiography, as it’s important to carefully consider how this would impact the patient experience in your office.

In speaking with professionals in the industry, many realize that digital radiography can bring levels of patient satisfaction that they had not previously considered. For those of you that are looking to improve patient satisfaction in your dental office, this chart may help shed light on some hidden patient satisfaction benefits you may not be aware of.


Benefits How It Improves Patient Satisfaction What to Ask When Researching Digital Technology?
Reduced Radiation Exposure/Dose
  • Patients comfortable knowing the amount of radiation used during diagnostic radiography have been greatly reduced.
  • Follows the ALARA principal, so patients receive superior image quality at a reduced dose.
  • What is the dose reduction between this digital radiography system and D speed film?
  • Can image quality and dose be optimized to further reduce exposure to my patients?
Technological Competency
  • Most patients feel more comfortable knowing their dental provider or specialist is investing in new technologies and is ahead of the technology curve.
  • Larger image “footprint” when displayed on monitor makes the image easier to understand.
  • Improved diagnostic capabilities improve patient care and patient understanding of treatment needs.
  • What is the image resolution for this system and how will improved image quality impact diagnosis?
  • What capabilities does the product’s software have to enhance patient images?
Speed of Image Acquisition
  • Eliminating processing time can reduce the length of the patient’s diagnostic or treatment appointment. Patients like that you respect their time by minimizing the time they wait – both in the waiting room and in the dental chair.
  • With digital radiography, you can continue the treatment workflow without having to stop and wait to see the image or leave the patient alone in the operatory.
  • How long does it take to acquire an image with this product?
  • I want to capture my patients’ images quickly while minimizing retakes. –does this system come with easy to use position devices?
Green Technology
  • Environmentally conscious patients will appreciate that you are not using chemistry or pollutants.
  • What marketing differentiator can I use to help my office grow with this new product? Can I claim we are green (because of no chemicals) or paperless (since it is all digital)?
  • What are the savings I can expect to realize by not using film, chemistry, and other messy consumables?
  • What impact does this product have on the environment and my community?
Improved Referrals
  • Sharing and collaborating image information with a colleague or specialist is easier when you can transmit the information electronically.
  • Improve workflow of the referral process and the quality of your patient’s specialist appointment by providing high-quality images and information electronically.
  • Will this product integrate with my existing practice management software and allow me to easily share images when referring my patient to a colleague?
  • Do you provide networking support to link up my digital product with the front office computers?


What are your thoughts on how dental digital technology can improve your patient satisfaction?

Author: Carestream Dental Blog Administrator

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