The Hidden Benefits in Leaving Film – Employee Satisfaction (Chart)

As a dental professional, you undoubtedly use dental technology on a daily basis. In addition, your employees also spend a great deal of time working with your office equipment, products and patients. Since your staff members are the backbone of your organization, it’s important to ensure they are happy and satisfied with their jobs and working conditions. In light of this, you may consider how the new technology you introduce in the office will impact them.

For many doctors, this is the top priority when it comes to switching from film to digital radiography – how would it affect my employees’ level of satisfaction? As such, the chart below highlights a few of the unexpected ways switching to digital radiography can improve your employees’ happiness:


Benefit How It Improves Employee Satisfaction Questions to Ask When Meeting with Digital Radiography Providers
Pride in the Office
  • Many employees want to work in a state-of-the-art office that delivers quality care to patients. By making the switch to digital, you can improve image quality—this can have a positive impact on patient care and gives your employees pride that they are following the ALARA principal (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) and delivering the best in quality to their patients at the lowest dose.
  • Switching to digital radiography puts your office ahead of the curve in terms of technology—something your staff can feel good about.
  • Is training available for both my staff and myself?
  • Will this product improve communication between my staff and my patients?
  • How will this product enhance patient care and staff satisfaction?


Green Technology = Much Cleaner
  • No one likes going in the darkroom—the chemicals smell strong and they can stain your employees’ clothing. Thanks to digital radiography, your team can easily acquire images without film and messy chemicals.
  • Eliminate the need to clean processors, filters, etc.
  • Does this system require routine maintenance by my staff?
  • What types of preventative maintenance will help extend the longevity of the equipment?
Time Savings
  • With digital radiography, your employees no longer experience unnecessary patient downtime while processing images–giving them more time for productive patient interaction. .
  • Employees finish out on time—they no longer have to run late due to processing emergencies or slow imaging.
  • How quickly can my team capture images with this product?
  • What type of support do you offer if the product stops working?
Stay in Line With Current Training
  • Many dental professionals including staff recruits and associates are coming out of school are used to digital technology. By utilizing current technology, new employees won’t have to backslide into old technology.
  • Eliminate the need to train new employees on film radiography.
  • Using new technology may be seen by your staff as an investment in employee education and commitment to continuing education.
  • As digital radiography advances, are there continuing education courses I can send my employees to?
Sharing Information Is Easier
  • Filing insurance claims is easier when claims and images can be electronically attached.
  • Facilitate referrals with specialists and easily share more information with digital images.
  • How does this product facilitate the insurance claim process for my staff?
  • Will this product easily integrate with my front-desk software?




We hope you found this helpful if you’re pondering how switching to digital radiography may impact employee satisfaction within your practice, and look forward to reading your comments below.

Author: Carestream Dental Blog Administrator

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