Imaging Technology and Business Impact – Predetermination of Benefits

There are many elements that impact the business side of our dental practices and—for many—dental insurance coverage plays a large role in our ability to drive productivity. For this reason predetermination of benefits can help our patients better “afford” the costs associated with their dental treatment needs. However, when this process takes too long or is unsuccessful, immediate treatment needs can quickly turn into procrastination and avoidable emergencies can and do occur.  Using digital radiography coupled with intraoral imaging has helped support a number of my practice needs, which include:

  • Expediting the predetermination of benefits process
  • Increasing the likelihood that my treatment recommendation is accepted by the third-party payer
  • Improving patient understanding and treatment acceptance
  • Increasing overall practice revenue and efficiency.

To highlight how upgrading your imaging systems can help with predetermination of benefits, I have created the following chart.


How to Achieve It

Your Benefits

Expedite the Process If you use an electronic attachment service with your practice management software, such as NEA’s Fast Attach, you can immediately send images from sensors, phosphor plate systems and intraoral cameras and electronically transmit x-rays, perio charts,intraoral photos, EOB’s and any other required information for insurance carriers to view insupport of patient claims.
  • In the past, sending off your film meant duplication of the film or sending an original, which may never be seen again. By sending digital images, you can still retain the information you need later for treatment.
  • Sending film via the mail has a number of disadvantages, including the potential for lost or damaged film, the cost of postage, and the time it takes for your documents to arrive. Using digital images and an electronic attachment service eliminates these concerns.
Increase Case Acceptance By using digital technology, you can supplement your diagnosis with images from intraoral cameras and enhance images with imaging software to improve turnaround times and improve the likelihood of approval by the third-part payer and ultimately patient acceptance of treatment.
  • Extra documentation that supports your treatment recommendation could mean the difference between a successful claim and a rejection.
  • When patients know that their claim will be accepted, they are more likely obtain treatment; thus boosting your practice revenue.

Have you considered switching to digital in order to make big revenue impact for your practice in 2013? I am interested in hearing your thoughts below.

Author: Carestream Dental Blog Administrator

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