Making the Case for 3D Imaging: Orthodontics

by Dr. John Dorsch

When one of my colleague’s staff members had concerns about her orthodontics and upcoming orthognathic surgery, he asked me if I would consult with her. During her appointment, we took comprehensive records—including a 3D CBCT image—and spoke at great length about her concerns, which included the length of treatment time, difficulty of closing lower bicuspid extraction space, and general questions on orthognathic surgery. At this point, I had only had my CBCT unit for one month. While I was focusing on the conventional full orthodontic records during the appointment, which appeared to be fairly normal, it wasn’t until later that day until I had more time to review the CBCT images. Continue reading

Three-Dimensional Basics: CT vs. CBCT

While speaking with my colleagues—and even patients—about 3D imaging, I am sometimes questioned about the difference between computed tomography (CT) and cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT).  Since we are in the beginning stages of our series on 3D, I thought this would be a great time to compare the two technologies and discuss the benefits of incorporating CBCT into your practice. Continue reading