Friday Dental News Roundup

Welcome to all of our Roundup readers and happy Friday! This week we have plenty of great blog posts, articles and news stories for your reading pleasure. Some trending topics include, finance tracking, new patient retention, fear of the dentist and scientific breakthroughs in gum disease.

Shaping the new dental patient experience:
In a struggling economy, people suffering from difficult financial times tend to drastically cut back on oral health      care spending as well as routine office visits. With these severe cutbacks, a dentist’s patient flow is likely to become greatly affected. Therefore, it is crucial for an office to create lasting relationships with their new patients through three keys steps. Read on to find out what these steps are!

Overhead Percentages for Your Practice:
Are you having trouble keeping track of your finances? Once a year, have a profit and loss statement, also known as an income statement, created for your practice and check your expenses against the recommended overhead percentages. If your numbers are extremely high, look for ways you can decrease your out-of-pocket costs, like negotiating with your supplier or reevaluating how much you are buying versus how much you are actually using.

French boy, 12, fakes own kidnapping to avoid going to dentist:
For many people, a trip to the dentist can be an extremely nerve-wracking experience. So much so, that some people will do anything to avoid having to make the trip. This was the case for a 12-year-old French boy who faked his own kidnapping and led police on a wild chase for more than a month for a scar-faced man who he claimed had lured him into his car when he asked for directions. In the end, the boy confessed to police that he made up the whole story because he did not want to go to the dentist.

Gum Disease Bacteria May Hamper Immune System:
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have found that bacteria responsible for causing periodontitis can create an imbalance in the gums, with a two-prong manipulation of the human immune system. This bacterium could lead to irritable bowel disease, colon cancer and other inflammatory diseases.

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Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to another Dental News Roundup! This week in the news, we have some tips and tricks from around the web on social media use and time management. We also have interesting new findings on the benefits of coffee and some important information on Medicare’s enrollment policy changes that you should know. Until next time, stay informed and better your practice!

Coffee Could Lead to Healthy Teeth:
According to recent studies from the Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, coffee can actually help keep your teeth clean! Researchers found that the robusta coffee bean, grown in Brazil and Vietnam, has the ability to rid teeth of bacteria, therefore preventing the onset of plaque. Despite the findings, researchers warn coffee lovers to monitor their intake because the popular drink can still lead to staining and enamel erosion.

Why your dental practice can’t just “do” social media:
Social media can be a daunting task for any dental practice. With the multiple social media platforms available to distribute a message, it can be hard to target an audience effectively, receive a favorable response and ultimately acquire new patients. With that in mind, it is important to create a detailed social media plan for your practice. Read on for more information on how to create a personalized social media plan that’s right for you and your practice!

Top 10 ways for effective time management for the dental executive:
Do you feel as if your office excels at clinical time management, but is slowly falling behind on your administrative tasks? Here are ten tips and tricks for improving your office’s time management. Tips include setting aside daily quiet time, planning and setting goals.

Dentists must choose to opt in or out of Medicare enrollment:
By June 1, 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will require all physicians, dentists and other eligible medical professionals to be enrolled in the Medicare program or opt out to prescribe medicine to patients who qualify with Part D drug plans. Should you decide to opt out of the program and enter into private contracts with your patients, you will be out of Medicare for two years and unable to receive any direct or indirect Medicare payment for the services you provide to Medicare patients.

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Friday Dental News Roundup

This week we are starting something new! Be sure to check our blog every Friday for the latest dental news around the web. Stay informed and better your practice!

Why Testimonials and Reviews Are Important For Your Practice:
The digital age is upon us and it is time for your practice to take note! As you begin to build an online portfolio, one of the most important things you can include is a testimonials and reviews page in order to create an open forum with your patients, while also raising awareness for potential new clients. Read on for more benefits testimonials and reviews can provide your practice.

Dos and don’ts for customer service – Gather patient feedback with surveys:
Are you receiving the best possible return on investment from your practice’s customer service? One way to find out is by asking your patients directly. Provide each patient with a short, anonymous survey after his or her appointment and then use the feedback, whether positive or negative, to build a better practice!

Growing up with CAD CAM-David Claridge:
With the growing advances in technology emerging every day, the general population is living longer than ever. This means restorative dentistry is in high demand as the elderly are choosing to retain their original teeth. As such, restorative dentistry is turning to CAD/CAM solutions to meet the needs of the aging population.

Light coaxes stem cells to repair teeth – Noninvasive laser therapy could radically shift dental treatment:
A team of Harvard scientists from the Wyss Institute Core Faculty have discovered how to use low-powered lasers to cause human dental stem cells to form dentin.

First Implant May Have Been Discovered:
Researchers and scientists in northern France believe they have found the world’s first dental implant, dating back 2,300 years ago. The implant is made of iron and is thought to have been used for decorative purposes during the Iron Age.

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