Friday Dental News Roundup

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Why Testimonials and Reviews Are Important For Your Practice:
The digital age is upon us and it is time for your practice to take note! As you begin to build an online portfolio, one of the most important things you can include is a testimonials and reviews page in order to create an open forum with your patients, while also raising awareness for potential new clients. Read on for more benefits testimonials and reviews can provide your practice.

Dos and don’ts for customer service – Gather patient feedback with surveys:
Are you receiving the best possible return on investment from your practice’s customer service? One way to find out is by asking your patients directly. Provide each patient with a short, anonymous survey after his or her appointment and then use the feedback, whether positive or negative, to build a better practice!

Growing up with CAD CAM-David Claridge:
With the growing advances in technology emerging every day, the general population is living longer than ever. This means restorative dentistry is in high demand as the elderly are choosing to retain their original teeth. As such, restorative dentistry is turning to CAD/CAM solutions to meet the needs of the aging population.

Light coaxes stem cells to repair teeth – Noninvasive laser therapy could radically shift dental treatment:
A team of Harvard scientists from the Wyss Institute Core Faculty have discovered how to use low-powered lasers to cause human dental stem cells to form dentin.

First Implant May Have Been Discovered:
Researchers and scientists in northern France believe they have found the world’s first dental implant, dating back 2,300 years ago. The implant is made of iron and is thought to have been used for decorative purposes during the Iron Age.

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