Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy Friday to all of our regular roundup readers and welcome to any new readers we may have gained along the way! This week we have some great informative articles about facility accreditation, how to handle staff conflict and the importance of flossing. We also have an interesting read on changes in pediatric dentistry and how one practice in particular has changed their office environment to ease the anxiety of their pediatric patients. We hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and we will have new articles for your reading pleasure next week!

How facility accreditation can position your practice for growth
Dentists have the opportunity to expand their services by offering dental sleep medicine. By qualifying your practice and confirming your expertise through a recognized accreditation program, your practice has the ability to build strong medical relationships, third-party validation and increased patient referrals.

An open letter to my fellow dental professionals about flossing
Dentists often feel like a broken record when it comes to telling their patients the importance of flossing. However, what most dentists forget is that flossing is not only important for the patient, it’s important for their practice. According to Dr. Ben Young, flossing can boost your hygiene team’s morale, your patient’s morale and your flossing message can set your business apart. Read on for more of Dr. Young’s thoughts.

Changes in pediatric dentistry strive to allay kids’ fears
Since the mid-1980s pediatric dentistry has been on the rise and Dr. Peter Ross has been on the rise with it. Ross’ practice, Kids Cowboy Dentists, have been specializing in easing kids’ anxieties at the dentist specialized techniques and themes such as talking to kids at eye level, wearing costumes, watching movies and play rooms as waiting rooms. Read on to learn more about the Cowboy Dentists and how pediatric dentistry is changing for the future.

Dos and don’ts for handling staff conflict
Disagreements between staff members is inevitable, however how you decide to handle the problem between your employees can make all the difference in the environment of your practice. So, when a conflict arises in your practice make sure to set an example for your team by identifying the issue and calling a meeting to come to an agreement. Make sure you don’t ignore the issue because that only allows the problem to fester and disrupt the staff.

What do you do to help ease your pediatric patients? Share your remedies for anxiety in the comments sections below!

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