Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy first week of October and welcome back! We missed your weekly updates last Friday, however we have some great new articles for your reading pleasure to help make up for our week off. Our first article for the week is about an Arizona dentist who is buying back Halloween candy in order to send it to the troops overseas. We also have an interesting read on how exercise may contribute to tooth decay and a historical read on traveling street dentist, Painless Parker. Our last article is about the Dos and Don’ts for practice leadership and learning when to let someone else take charge. With all of these great stories, we will let you get reading—just remember to share your thoughts with us below! Until next time, stay informed and better your practice.

Dentist to buy back Halloween candy
Dr. Tom Turnbull, a pediatric dentist from Arizona is planning a Halloween candy buyback in which kids who bring in their sugary treats will get $1 for every pound they donate. All the buyback candy collected will be sent to the troops overseas. Turnbull started the program because obesity and tooth decay have become an epidemic in the Apache and Navaho counties of Arizona and he would like a hand in reversing it.

Exercise May Lead to Higher Risk of Tooth Decay
According to a study at the University Hospital in Germany, the more exercise you do the more likely you are to have tooth decay and early tooth loss. This higher risk results from the rise of alkalinity levels in saliva due to exercise. However, despite these findings experts say this data is not strong enough to definitively say the correlation between exercise and tooth decay is true. A more likely reason for poor oral health among athletes is the high consumption of sports and energy drinks that contain a large amount of sugar.

Was Painless Parker a Vaudeville Joke or a Real Brooklyn Dentist?
Learn about famous street dentist Painless Parker who took the dental world by storm with his unconventional traveling medicine show. Parker hired a band to play during every tooth extraction so the painful cries of his patients couldn’t be heard by the large crowds. In 1912, Painless Parker legally changed his name to Painless to avoid being accused of breaking a false advertisement law by stating his practice was truly painless. Read on for more fun facts about this wacky dentist!

Dos and don’ts for practice leadership: Know when to rely on outside experts
Dentists are skilled experts on oral health, but despite this extensive knowledge, sometimes an expert is needed when it comes to high-level decisions for their practice including finances, real estate and law. So, listen to the experts and don’t be afraid of losing control of your practice. It will only benefit it in the end.

What areas of your practice do you rely on experts for advice and guidance? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below!


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