Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy New Year! We hope all of our roundup readers had a happy holiday season and we are excited to have you back. We are kicking 2015 off with some great articles from the dental news world. First, we look at the new debate dentists are having regarding the need to extract wisdom teeth. Next, we have an interesting read on how the Medicaid market is projected to grow significantly this year. Finally, we have some information on how you can build a better team in 2015 and how two dentists created a candy that won’t ruin teeth! Enjoy the first roundup articles of the year. We look forward to having some more great reads for you next week!

Dentists debate need to extract wisdom teeth
In recent years, oral surgeons and dentists have started to debate whether wisdom teeth need to be extracted to reduce overcrowding. Recent studies have found no sufficient data to suggest that taking out wisdom teeth reduced crowding of the remaining teeth over the next five years. With the cost of extraction and lagging insurance, some dentists are wondering if the motive for extraction is truly for the benefit of the patient.

ADA: Medicaid market for dental care will grow significantly
According to research conducted by the ADA Health Policy Institute, the Medicaid market for dental care will grow significantly nationwide due­ to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It is estimated that the number of adults who could gain dental benefits through Medicaid after expansion could potentially increase by 51.9 percent in 31 states and Washington, D.C. Researchers achieved these figures by estimating the number of adults and children who were uninsured before 2014 and comparing them to those who are eligible for Medicaid post expansion.

10 steps to a great team in 2015
New year, new you! Or better yet, new year, improved team! Follow Dr. Bicuspid’s ten steps to a great team in 2015. These steps include: identifying current strengths and weaknesses in your practice; being quick to provide positive feedback and much more! A new year provides a new foundation for a successful team and ultimately a successful practice.

Dentist creates candy that won’t ruin teeth
Two Raleigh, N.C. dentists have invented a sugar-free caramel candy for children with the help of a Michelin-starred pastry chef. The candy is made with all the original ingredients used to make caramel candies including heavy cream, but substitutes the sugar with xylitol, a sugar alternative derived from plants. In addition to reducing tooth decay, it is believed that xylitol may be beneficial in regulating blood sugar, which could be highly beneficial for people with diabetes.

What are your thoughts on this new alternative candy?

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