What Will be 2015’s Dental Trends? We Ask Dr. Michael Cohen

As part of our series on upcoming dental trends for 2015, we reached out to Dr. Michael Cohen, founder of the Seattle Study Club®,  for his thoughts. Here is what he shared with us:

  1. Laboratories will try to expand their services to become full-service providers for general practitioners in their communities. The labs will provide assistance in planning cases, providing the parts, offering their own team service providers (surgeons) and fabricating restorations.
  2. Corporate dentistry will continue to attract more graduates who are in debt and are unable to purchase practices right out of school or residency.
  3. Specialists will become more resourceful in promoting the value of interdisciplinary care and shared responsibility in promoting oral health. There will be more of a push to market directly to consumers.
  4. The continuing education offered by study clubs will become more diverse in offerings to address the needs of millennials in terms of programs on business and financial management.

What are your thoughts on this year’s trends? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Author: Carestream Dental Blog Administrator

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