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Welcome back roundup readers! We are so happy to have you back with us on this chilly Friday in February. To start off this week, we have a great story on how a trip to the dentist can save your life. Next, we have an interesting piece on how researchers found that a beaver’s enamel is more resistant to acid than regular enamel. Our third read is about how the majority of parents are taking their children to their first dentist appointment way too late! Our last read is an informative piece on how to avoid the common pitfalls in endodontic diagnosis. Take a look at each of these stories and let us know what you think! Until next time, stay informed and better your practice.

A trip to the dentist helped uncover an 11-year-old’s grapefruit-sized tumor and saved her life
After a routine visit to the dentist for her six-month cleaning, Journee Woodard’s dentist noticed her eyes were extremely yellow. Her dentist and hygienist strongly urged her to seek medical attention immediately. Following their instructions, Journee’s parents took her to their general physician where they found that Journee had a grapefruit-sized tumor on her pancreas and she was immediately rushed into surgery. Journee is healing quickly now, thanks to her dentist’s quick detection!

Beavers Provide Model to Improve Enamel
Researchers at Northwestern University have found that the pigmented enamel of beavers, which contains iron, is both harder and more resistant to acid than regular enamel, including that treated with fluoride. According to researchers, the material surrounding the nanowires of the enamel is what impacts the enamel’s acid resistance. This study is the first to show that enamel can exist in this state.

Survey finds kids’ 1st dental visit not meeting AAPD guideline
A new U.S. survey found that 75 percent of parents are not following the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s recommendation to take their children to the dentist by age one. Currently, the average age of a child’s first dental visit is around 2.5 years old.

Avoiding common pitfalls in endodontic diagnosis
Making the correct diagnosis in endodontic therapy is crucial to a successful outcome however, there are several common pitfalls endodontists make in the exam and diagnostic process. Some of the recommendations provided include establishing a routine, identifying the chief complaint and taking radiographs that are angled correctly.

Have you ever helped save a patient’s life like Journee’s? Share your story with us in the comments section below.

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