Wait until all the facts are in…

Dentists by nature are cautious, fact-based folks; they want to wait until all the facts are in. As a general rule, that is a good thing when it comes to providing scientifically valid, clinically proven dental care. However ,it can also lead to the paralysis of analysis when it comes to making business decisions.

All the facts are never in. We don’t have all the facts on Lincoln’s assassination, on the superiority of dogs vs. cats, or how long posterior composites will last…The real question is not whether you have all the facts. The real question is, “do you know enough to make a decision?”

There comes a point where “waiting ‘till all the facts are in” becomes an excuse for not doing anything. No decision is still a decision.

This is especially true when it comes to purchasing and implementing new technology. For example: digital radiography. Digital Radiography has been on the market for close to thirty years yet there are still dentists agonizing over whether to buy and what to buy. What if they make a mistake?!!!

All the facts are not in (they never are) however almost every dentist will be OK if he/she chooses one of the top imaging products. Each of these has tens of thousands of users and has been in the market for close to twenty years. Just do it.

Author: Larry Emmott, D.D.S.

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