Friday Dental News Roundup

Welcome back to another addition of the Friday Dental News Roundup. This week we have some informative new articles to share with you on a broad range of topics. First off this week, we have an article about the rising trend in ‘do it yourself dentistry.’ Next, we have a detailed article on eye safety. Our third article is an in-depth analysis on the economics of pediatric dentistry. The final article for this week is about a newly established forensic dentistry team. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Experts Say ‘Do It Yourself Dentistry’ Is a Bad Idea
The “do-it-yourself” mentality has been on a drastic rise since the invention of the Internet. With the touch of a button, one has access to millions of videos that can show someone how to do just about anything. Recently, the new trend in how-to learning is “do-it-yourself dentistry.” Many people have been turning to quick-fixes they can do themselves so they don’t have to pay for professional dentistry. One of the most popular fixes is a dangerous product called “Gap Bands,” to fix space between teeth.

Eye safety in dentistry
This detailed article takes an in-depth look into the inadequacy of the current dental mask and eyewear combination for protecting dental providers. The authors discuss the various types and sources of dental practice eye occupational hazards and the possible entry routes of dental debris toward the practitioner’s eyes.

Pedonomics: The new economics of pediatric dentistry
Take a look into an in-depth analysis of the declining trend of pedodontic dentistry and how the specialty is needed more than ever before. The article will also explore how ‘pedonomics’ and a ‘time economics model’ can be applied in your practice for a successful future.

Sheriff builds forensic dentistry team
A sheriff’s department in Chicago, Ill. has sworn in three local dentists as part of the department’s forensic dentistry team. The team of dentists will in charge of a range of duties including matching bite marks with suspects or victims, to using dental records to identify victim’s remains. The team will also train the department’s investigators on preserving evidence and related matters.

Have you seen any cases as a result of ‘do it yourself dentistry’? Let us know your story in the comment section below.

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