Friday Dental News Roundup

Hello roundup readers, we are happy to have you back with us this Friday! We have a few articles for your reading pleasure this week, starting with an article on the “controversial spouse” in the dental office. Next up, we have an interesting read on a new device that has been invented to curb and study teeth grinding. Our last article is a fun read on 10 toothache remedies from the olden days. Take a look and let us know which article was your favorite!

The controversial spouse in the dental practice: Notes from the positive side
In the dental industry there are often negative connotations surrounding being the spouse or having the spouse work in your dental office. Take a look a Toni Erdman’s positive personal experience of the value her and her husband have experienced from inviting a spouse to the office.

New Device Aims to Curb Teeth Grinding
A group of researchers in Ireland created a mouth guard that can relay information to a smart phone, in addition to a dentist, to pinpoint problems related to bruxism. The general purpose of this mouth guard is to fight tooth wear and tear as well as to curb problems like headaches, migraines and TMJ disorder, which are issues that stem from grinding teeth while sleeping.

10 Toothache Remedies that Should Be April Fools Jokes
Take a look at some of the most absurd, hilarious and downright odd toothache remedies from throughout history. Some of these remedies include spider juice, frogs, onions and hard-boiled eggs.

What is the weirdest toothache remedy you have heard of? Share your stories with us!

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