Online Reviews, the New “Word of Mouth”

Embracing new social media platforms, such as Yelp or Google+, that allow users to leave reviews may make you feel like you’re losing control, “What if I get a bad review?” However, with a few examples of how my own practice has found success embracing and encouraging online reviews, you’ll find them essential to the modern dental practice: Continue reading

Friday Dental News Roundup

Hello roundup friends! We hope you are enjoying this last week in June and are gearing up for the Fourth of July holiday that is just around the corner. Our first article for this week takes a detailed look into the finances of a New York City dentist through the eyes of a financial planner. Our second article for the week will help you reorganize your team huddles. Finally, we have an interesting read on how bad teeth keep one in four people from smiling in photos. Take some time to enjoy the sunshine and read the latest dental news! Continue reading

Film vs. Digital: What Would You Do with More Time? (Infographic)

Switching from film to digital can lead to a number of well-known benefits, including reducing the cost of film-related consumables, improving patient care and increasing case acceptance. But one of the biggest advantages to busy dentists is the time savings produced by implementing digital systems.

Dental Film vs. a Digital Imaging Workflow

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Friday Dental News Roundup

Hello everyone and happy Friday to you! This week we have two quick reads for your Friday lunch break. Our first article is about a new study that has linked the ezyme hTERT to periodontitis. Our second article gives an in-depth look on what and how you need to save in order to retire from your dental practice. Have a great weekend and we will see you next time on our Friday Roundup!

The Enzyme That Links Periodontitis & Cancer
The human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) enzyme, an enzyme that has been related to both longevity and cancer, has been linked to periodontitis. Researchers from the study found that aggressive periodontitis was significantly associated with higher expression of hTERT. The increased hTERT expression correlated with clinical signs of periodontal disease- ginigival index, plaque index, clinical attachment loss and probing depth in those patients with chronic periodontitis but not in those with aggressive periodontitis. Continue reading

Determining Bone Density Using CBCT

You’ve heard the phrase, “quality over quantity,” but when it comes to implant treatment, both are equally important. Luckily for implantologists, advancements in technology now let us view the bone in 3D, saving time and taking the guesswork out of implant surgery.

In the video below, I’m able to view a cross section of a CBCT scan with my CS 3D Imaging software and share my “mental checklist” for determining bone quantity. Viewing the cross section also reveals the basic density of bone, which helps me to determine bone quality. Plus, I go over a few useful comparisons that you can remember when considering bone quality.

Bone quantity and quality plays a crucial role from the very beginning of implant planning. CBCT scans not only objectively reveal bone dimensions, but also let me know the density and maturity of the bone before I even begin to drill.

How do you determine bone quantity and quality? Do you have a case where you’ve had to reevaluate your approach to placing an implant after discovering the dimensions and quality of the bone?

Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy first Friday in June, roundup readers! We hope it’s a sunny day wherever you are. To kick off your weekend we have three articles for your reading enjoyment. Our first article is about the influx of tele-dentistry appointments in rural populations. Next up, you can learn how to confront a difficult employee with the FIRR technique. Our third and final article is about avoiding drastic changes when you buy a new practice! Enjoy these articles and start a conversation with us! We love to hear what our readers have to say.

21st Century Dentists Make Internet Calls for Underserved Children
Get an in-depth look at tele-dentistry appointments that connect underserved rural populations with specialized urban dentists. Continue reading

Dental Practice Startup: Imaging Technology Considerations that Can Make or Break Your Practice

Dental school graduates who choose private practice have two main paths to choose from when starting their professional careers—start fresh or take on an associateship with an established practice. If you decide to venture out on your own, there are certainly some imaging technology considerations to take into account.

How can your choice of imaging technology make or break your practice? With the right imaging systems, you can:

  • efficiently capture high-quality images that improve, diagnosis, patient communication, co-discovery, and case acceptance;
  • reduce dose to your patients and eliminate time delays, and
  • seamlessly integrate digital radiography into your practice management system, thus improving care while streamlining your workflow and improving your overall practice efficiency.

Unfortunately, choosing the wrong imaging system for your practice—or one that is ”low end”—can actually waste money, which is the last thing you want to do when starting your own business. Continue reading