Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy first Friday in June, roundup readers! We hope it’s a sunny day wherever you are. To kick off your weekend we have three articles for your reading enjoyment. Our first article is about the influx of tele-dentistry appointments in rural populations. Next up, you can learn how to confront a difficult employee with the FIRR technique. Our third and final article is about avoiding drastic changes when you buy a new practice! Enjoy these articles and start a conversation with us! We love to hear what our readers have to say.

21st Century Dentists Make Internet Calls for Underserved Children
Get an in-depth look at tele-dentistry appointments that connect underserved rural populations with specialized urban dentists.

Employee Confrontation Can Get Easier: The FIRR Technique
Do you have a difficult employee but you’re unsure of how to confront them? You’re in luck! The Dental Geek has a new way to make coaching and confronting employees easier with the “FIRR” Formula. FIRR stands for the four distinct steps of Fact, Impact, Reason and Request. Read on to see what is involved in each step of the formula.

How to Buy a Good Practice and Ruin It
Did you just buy a new practice and you’re thinking about making some new changes? Well, you may want to give the change some time. According to Andy Alas, DDS, when you purchase a practice, the patients are already going through a seismic change. As the new doctor, it’s your job to ease the transition for your patients by making changes gradually over time. Read on for more tips on handling a transitional practice.

Have you participated in tele-dentistry appointments? What has been your experience with them? Tell us in the comments section below!

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