Friday Dental News Roundup

Happy Friday roundup readers! It is getting close to back to school for many families around the country. In light of this, we have some great stories to help you soak up that last bit of summer and get you back in the learning mood. Our first article is a great piece about the benefits of drinking beer. Our second article has five easy ways to get young patients to brush and floss. The final article for the week has an in-depth look at how spending in dental care will grow 60% in the next decade. Take a gander and let us know what you think.

Can Drinking Beer Enhance Your Smile?
Do you enjoy drinking a dark brew on a sunny afternoon? According to one study, you’re in luck;  it turns out these dark brews can be beneficial to your health! Drinking beer can help tooth calcification, decrease inflammation and serve as an antifungal. Read on for an in-depth look on the benefits of beer. Cheers! Continue reading

Controlling the Conversation: How the Right Technology Adds Value to Your “Voice”

Doctors have long been the trusted, authoritative voice on all things related to oral health. Patients relied on our years of training and accepted treatment without much question. These days, technologically-savvy patients aren’t interested in a monologue from their doctor; they want to join the conversation. Not only do they demand a two-way dialog—a perfectly reasonable request that should be encouraged, we want our patients to ask question and understand their treatment—but websites like WebMD and online forums now have patients “crowd sourcing” the best treatment options. That means the conversation between you and your patient can quickly become a figurative shouting match between you, the patient and everyone the patient chatted with on the “The Worst Things that Can Go Wrong during a Root Canal” forum.

However, no matter how many online articles the patient reads; forums they visit for advice; or symptoms they self-diagnose based on a Google search, the doctor is the expert. But how do we let our voices be heard? I recommend we not only “talk the talk,” but “walk the walk” by demonstrating to our patients our expertise and dedication to their care with the safest, most advanced imaging technology.

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Friday Dental News Roundup

Hello roundup readers and welcome to another week of the dental news roundup. As always, we have some great stories for your reading pleasure! Our first article up to bat is an interesting read on how the number of dental patients visiting emergency rooms in the US, continue to rise. Second up to bat is an interactive look into the history of dentistry. Last up, is a trending story in the news about a man that lost his ability form new memories after a routine root canal procedure. Take a second at the end of your busy week and read up on what’s trending. You will not be disappointed!

Number of Dental Patients Visiting Emergency Room Continues to Rise
Data from the American Dental Association has found that people looking for urgent treatment for dental problems has doubled to 2.2 million during a 12-year stretch ending in 2012. The statistics show that the American healthcare system spends more than $1.6 billion each year treating dental patients even though emergency rooms are not equipped to do so. Continue reading

Friday Dental News Roundup

Welcome back to all of our roundup readers, old and new! This week we have three articles for you to read while you try and beat the heat. Our first article has some great tips on how you can make sure patients schedule their cleaning appointments. The second article has some interesting findings from a Japanese study on how skipping breakfast can cause bad breath. Our final article from the week reviews a new television called “Smile,” which takes an in-depth look into 12 individuals’ smile makeovers.

How to Get Patients to Schedule (and Show Up) for Bi-Annual Check-Ups
It is estimated that one-third of Americans do not visit a dentist on a regular basis and another ten percent of patients miss appointments and do not call to reschedule. In order to combat this, The Dental Geek has provided a few ways to encourage a greater turnout for appointments including reminder phone calls, communicate better, change your language and be open with your clients. Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Successful Suturing (Video)

When it comes to suturing, it’s best to keep things simple. All dentists should know at least the three basic sutures: simple interrupted, figure-eight interrupted and continuous, with or without locks. Keep these 10 general principles in mind to improve your suturing. Tips include the proper way to grip the needle; how many ties are needed; and how to tie a surgeon’s knot:

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Friday Dental News Roundup

Welcome back to the Friday Dental News Roundup, we hope you had a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday. We are starting off the week with an article on the epidemic of Americans and their distaste for flossing. Our second article of the week has five easy search engine optimization secrets for dental practices. Finally, we have an intriguing read about the effect of alcohol consumption on gum health. Take some time outside, read the roundup this week and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what is trending in the world of oral health.

More Than a Quarter Of`U.S. Adults Are Dishonest With Dentists About How Often They Floss Their Teeth
On behalf of the American Academy of Periodontology, a national survey has found that 27 percent of U.S. adults admit they lie to their dentist about how often they floss their teeth. Also, 36 percent would rather do an unpleasant activity like clean the toilet, do the dishes, wait in a long check-out line or sit in traffic instead of daily flossing. Read more about the rocky relationship between Americans and their gums in this informative article. Continue reading

Endodontists and 3D Imaging (Video from Real World Endo)

When it comes to obtaining high-resolution 3D images for diagnosis and treatment planning, endodontists have turned to cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). CBCT scans give doctors an incredibly detailed look at a patient’s anatomy that can be viewed from every angle. Not only that, but sophisticated software offers doctors added confidence when treatment planning. In this video, Jordan Reiss, Carestream Dental’s U.S. director of 3D imaging, sits down with Dr. Allen Ali Nasseh, president and CEO of Real World Endo, to share some of the latest updates included in CS 3D Imaging Software version 3.5.7. This software is free and opens any DICOM scan, no matter which unit was used to acquire it.


Click on the image above or here to view.

3D Imaging software allows doctors to plan treatment for all kinds of endodontic scenarios. Most important, the ability to view the axial, coronal and sagittal of a patient’s anatomy, gives them the confidence that they’re accounting for every angle of the issue. This overview was provided by Real World Endo, a independent endodontic education, innovation and consulting company composed of a community of clinical and academic endodontists.