Friday Dental News Roundup

Welcome to November and the beginning of the holiday season roundup readers! We are happy to have you here. We are starting off the month with a great article on where dentistry will be in 10 years. Our next article gives some helpful insight into building a better brand for your practice. The final article for the week focuses on equine dentist Geoff Tucker and how he has developed his trade. Take a minute on this fall day to read these articles and let us know what you think. We would love to hear your thoughts.

Where will the dental industry be in 10 years?
Dentistry IQ takes the time to analyze the dental industry from a high-level and predicts where the industry will be in 10 years. The analysis looks at dental preparedness, patients, insurance companies and major corporate players.

Build Your Brand with Better Patient Experiences
Are you having trouble measuring your brand? For dental practices, it can be a bit of a rocky road because the measurements are not always tangible. That’s why it is important to constantly deliver stellar patient experiences. Everything from patient expectations to the ability to address a customer’s needs, can affect a brand’s reputation and value. Read on for more tips on how you can better your practice’s brand.

Equine Dentist Aims to Spread His Horsemanship-Based Technique
Ever wondered what it’s like to be an equine dentist? Our guess is probably not, but it’s an interesting field with some temperamental clients, especially when it comes to oral health. Take a second to read about equine dentist, Geoff Tucker and how he has developed his trade into an online dental school.

Where do you think the dental industry will be in 10 years and what do you look forward to? Let us know in the comments section below.

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