Printing the Daysheet in CS SoftDent v16

Getting the most out of your practice management software is important. One report that can help your efficiency is the Daysheet. This report provides an overview of the following:

  • Posted transactions;
  • Practice’s production;
  • Number of patients seen; and
  • Collections.

In addition, the Daysheet confirms the receivable totals and accounting reports. Because of all the financial information contained in this report, the CS SoftDent support team recommends running the Daysheet after every working day.

The following steps will help you run this report – as well as save you and your team valuable time.

While in CS SoftDent, select reports from the top ribbon and select 5.Daysheet – you can access this list while on any screen.


Once clicked, a popup screen will appear. You will enter any data you’d like for the Daysheet to reflect. Example:

  1. Title: Daysheet for [insert date, if you wish]
  2. Date: Check the box if this is the FINAL Daysheet the office will run for the day.

Note: For this demonstration, we did not select final Daysheet.

Once you input all desired data, click OK.


The Daysheet is complete. To print, hold down CTRL+P (CMD+P for MAC) which will prompt the print screen.

The information displayed while viewing the Daysheet:


Page one will display a table of all patients seen that day, the provider – displayed by the number assigned to the Doctor, description of the procedure(s), and cost. Below the table will breakdown the day’s financials.


Page two provides the Provider Summary for the practice showing production dollar amounts for the month and year.



The final page of the Daysheet displays the Deposit slip for any patient who made a payment using a check or credit card. Note: The image above shows check payments. A separate page will display credit card payments.)

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