The Four Cs of Getting the Most Out of Conference Education

The Global Oral Health Summit offers an educational program designed to arm attendees with new skills they can put into use in their practices right away.  From overviews of the latest industry trends to how-to courses geared towards software users, attendees will discover tips and tricks to increase efficiency; uncover new ways to tackle everyday challenges; learn new strategies for promoting their practices; and explore innovations in diagnostic techniques. Before you arrive in Orlando to start learning, consider these four “Cs” to get the most out of the education program:

Customize Your Experience
The Summit is fully customizable upon arrival. There’s no need to pre-register for courses, so attendees have the freedom to adapt their schedules to their needs and interests as often as they would like.

Choose Your Path

To keep teams on the cutting edge of industry standards, courses fall into the following relevant categories: Case Acceptance, Change Management, Efficiency, Marketing Your Practice, Practice Improvement, Practice Technology, Prevention, Team Building, and Digital Oral Health. Take the quiz  to determine which courses best fit your needs and interests.

Consider Your Learning Style and Skill Level
Whether attendees learn by doing or prefer a lecture-type setting, courses fall into the following categories.

  • Didactic: Presented in a large audience lecture setting.
  • Panel: Presented with more than one speaker in a large audience setting
  • Interactive: Offers attendees hands-on learning of equipment being presented

Courses are available for all learning levels, from new team members to seasoned professionals. Sessions will appeal to following ability levels:

  • All: Appropriate for all knowledge levels, including individuals who are new to the topic/subject area.
  • Entry/Intermediate: Intended for individuals who already have a basic knowledge of the topic/subject area and are looking to further their understanding of the subject matter.
  • Advance: Appropriate for seasoned professionals and experts, this level assumes the audience already grasps the intermediate elements of the topic and seeks to explore the topic/subject matter with a more in-depth perspective.

Come Ready to Learn

The Summit plays host to 20 doctors, more than 20 consultants and 17 Carestream Dental certified software trainers all leading more than 100 courses. There’s also the opportunity to earn up to 13 Continuing Education credits.

Browse the Summit program now. Search by session type, software, subject area, ability level, learning style, title or speaker and take your education to the next level.

Author: Carestream Dental Blog Administrator

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