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A smile can boost confidence and build self-esteem. Everyone may not be born with a picture-perfect smile, but that doesn’t mean they can never achieve it. Behind every smile can be a revolutionary story. Lives can be transformed for not only patients but also for practitioners. For example, let’s take the case of a 45-year old male patient of Dr. Miguel Stanley. Dr. Stanley was responsible for correcting significant issues including substantial staining, a few bonded restorations, old amalgam fillings, crowding on the mandibular central incisors, and general occlusal wear. Because the patient’s periodontal state was determined to be adequate, this transformation was strictly aesthetic.

Initial imaging (Dr. Stanley)

Dr. Stanley and his team decided it was best to take a minimally invasive approach and treat both the maxillary and mandibular arches with veneers. After accomplishing in-office whitening treatments, mock-up smile designs, and veneer testing, the patient was well on his way to a better and brighter smile. The entire case was digitally planned, printed, and milled. Once the veneers were cemented into place, the result was complete patient satisfaction. The patient’s occlusion turned out to be absolutely perfect and, due to the minimally invasive approach, the outcome was completed in a way that was simple and easy for the patient.

Final result (Dr. Stanley)

With today’s advanced technology, clinicians can achieve effective restorations in a quicker and more comfortable manner. A recent example of another life-changing story would include the case of Dr. Beat R. Kurt’s 77-year old patient. Dr. Kurt’s patient was a healthy male who had recently been involved in an accident that fractured two pillars of the existing bridge, 21 x 23. As a result, both teeth were not viable for fabrication of a new conventional bridge. After acquiring the initial photos and radiographs, Dr. Kurt’s team captured a digital impression― using the CS 3600― and a pre-operative CBCT scan for the lab to produce a working design. Now, the implants could be optimally planned to achieve the goal of immediate implantation and placement of a direct screw-retained bridge on teeth 21i x 23i.

Initial imaging (Dr. Kurt)

Once the two fractured teeth were removed, a Straumann-guided surgery kit was used to perform the osteotomy of the implants. Next, the provisional PMMA bridge was cemented onto the two temporary cylindrical abutments. Lastly, the occlusal contacts of the bridge were adjusted to improve the overall occlusion and contact pattern of the patient’s teeth. The final outcome resulted in an accomplished surgery and a very happy patient. In fact, this particular case was awarded the Best Digital Implant Case at the 2018 Digital Dental Academy Awards.

Final result (Dr. Kurt)

These cases show exactly how patients benefit from current dental technology and a 100% digital workflow. From saving time with impressions to improving communication with the lab, digital technology offers a number of advantages for both the patient and clinician. Dr. Kurt says, “A great team coupled with great technology results in a great outcome.”

At IDS, Carestream Dental will tell stories of similar patients and the dental professionals who have changed their lives. Over the course of four days, 21 respected clinicians from around the world will present 17 clinical cases and lectures in the Carestream Dental booth. “IDS is so much more than a trade show; it’s a premier international educational event,” Ed Shellard, D.M.D., chief dental officer, Carestream Dental, said. “Carestream Dental will play an important role in educating attendees by presenting some of the challenges their colleagues have experienced and how they found success with the right technology.” From March 13th-March 16th, some of the top names in oral health, representing orthodontics, endodontics, implantology and aesthetic dentistry, will be presenting in Booth T40 – U49, Hall 10.2.

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