Extraoral Imaging

CS8100_3.4_08-2015_LoResCS 8100

The CS 8100 delivers powerful imaging capabilities through an easy-to-use and compact system that is designed to meet your everyday imaging needs. The system is ideal for general practitioners and can be easily upgraded to include cephalometric imaging for your orthodontic needs. >>More Information 




CS 8100 3D
Now anyone can access the benefits of 3D technology. The affordable CS 8100 3D blends our award-winning 2D imaging with the power of 3D to form one versatile system that’s perfect for everyday use. When combined with its small footprint and flexible imaging abilities, the CS 8100 3D is the ideal way for any practice to make the move to 3D. >>More Information




CS 9300
Imagine a 3D unit that adapts to virtually all of your imaging needs—from panoramic to 3D imaging applications. Well, look no further than the CS 9300. Covering the widest array of clinical applications in the market, the CS 9300 redefines versatility and delivers unprecedented diagnostic abilities. >>More Information




CS 9300 ENT
The CS 9300 Solution for Sinus and Temporal Bone application has the ability to conduct surgical procedures with intraoperative CT-guided image systems and add new procedures, such as balloon sinuplasty. Also, it can increase practice revenue through an expanded breadth of procedures offered and efficiency in diagnosis. >>More Information


CS8100SC_FondBlanc_Face2_LoResCephalometric Imaging
From one-shot cephalometric images to the fastest cephalometric scanning in the world, our extraoral systems are designed to save you time and cover all of your orthodontic needs. You’ll enjoy consistent, high-quality images in less time than ever—regardless of the system you choose.>>More Information