Getting Started

Switching from film to digital radiography has a number of advantages, such as saving money and improving your dental practice’s efficiency. However, getting started is often confusing. The tips below can help you easily transition your current set up to a digital one so you can begin reaping the benefits of digital radiography.

Itemize Your Key Management Goals
Before investing in a digital radiography product, you should take some time to list your practice objectives. Whether they are cost reduction, risk mitigation, or establishing a competitive edge within the market, outlining these strategic objectives will help orient your conversations to ensure that the investment in this product is clearly tied to an overall goal. To help you with your research, feel free to visit our business impact and office impact pages where you will find charts and checklists that answer many of your initial questions. These pages will also help narrow your focus to what is relevant to your dental practice –and enable you to formulate questions for our team that help you get the answers that are most relevant to your dental office needs.

Have Questions Ready for Our Team
We are just as committed as you are to making sure that you implement the right product for your practice, and we especially like working with dentists who have questions. Make sure to ask us about elements such as:

  •  Are there ways I can quickly recuperate some of my costs (e.g. tax credits)?
  • Given my specific requirements, what is the best product for my dental practice?
  • Will this product integrate with my existing products?
  • Does this product require a computerized backend?
  • Is this product protected by a warranty?
  • Who supports this product?

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible about this decision. Our sales representatives also offer in-person demonstrations, so you can actually work with the product to determine if it will be helpful for your practice or if it is too difficult to use. During this demonstration, you may also think of more questions to ask regarding the product.

Contact Us
We have offices and sales representatives nationwide and, whether you are simply looking to get your questions answered while conducting research or you are ready for a product demonstration, we can point you in the right direction.