Intraoral Cameras


CS 1500 Intraoral Camera

CS 1500 Intraoral Camera
Available in both a wired and wireless version, the CS 1500 Camera was designed for mobility and ease of use. Boasting a true autofocus and intuitive camera lighting system, the dental digital photography camera requires no manual adjustments and is easily shared between different examination rooms and chairs. TWAIN compliance ensures the camera integrates easily with third-party dental digital photography imaging software. >>More Information

CS 1200 CameraCS 1200 Intraoral Camera
Delivering the highest image resolution in the industry, the CS 1200 reveals even the smallest details such as cracks, caries, and other anomalies. An affordable entry point into digital imaging, the CS 1200 puts high-quality intraoral images within the reach of any practice. >>More Information


One thought

  1. Mixed Dentition: We treat many adolescents, Tweens. In Carestream Dental Imaging, while saving an IOC pic you choose either A-T children teeth letters or #1-#32 Adult teeth #’s.
    Cannot choose mixed dentition when saving #’s or Letters of teeth in Carestream Dental Imaging.
    Seems like a very simple programming fix in update.